A very beautiful dragon-shaped river

The name of the river is Blue Dragon River. It is a big river in Portugal. Why is it called the Blue Dragon River? It’s because when you look at this river from the sky, it looks like a Chinese dragon standing on its crest. Also, the color of the water is blue because of the color of the sky, so it looks like a blue dragon.

The original name of this river is not Dragon Blue. People near this river do not see it as a special river. An ordinary river. The reason why it is called Blue Dragon River is because of a photo taken by photographer Steve Richard. The people who saw this photo that he took commented on it and gave it this name.At first, people thought it was a photoshopped image. Later, others saw the river from the sky and took pictures, only to know that it was real. Even so, some people still say that the photo is fake. The photographer who took the original picture said this.

Officially, I will say This is a real picture of a real place outside. This picture was taken on the plane from Kardif to Faro. The blue of the river is because the color of the sky is reflected in the river. The white clouds in the river are the clouds in the sky. The colors come out so wet because the film was first soaked in Toupiz solution and then photographed.