How do you know it’s Earth?

Globalization is something that not only scientists but most people know about in this era. Don’t be too quick to ask if you are still writing an article after taking these things seriously. In the “Space and Science” Group formed by our scientific team, those who are not accepted by the world, Also, I wrote this article because I see a lot of people who don’t know for sure that it is global.

If you don’t accept the world at all, this article will at least give you something to think about. If you’re a globetrotter but don’t know how to explain it to your fellow “planetists”, this article will be quite useful for you.

Below is the evidence from around the world. Some are direct evidence, and some are indirect evidence.

1. Moon

For modern people, we already know that the moon is a giant rock that orbits the earth. It is accepted by all that the shape of the moon is round, like a ball (and even platoonists). But to the ancient Greeks, the moon was a mystery.

The ancient Greeks did various investigations to find out what the moon was like. Because of these explorations, they learned a lot about the moon. From here on, they gradually began to think that our world was as big as the moon.

The ancient Greek scholar Aristotle observed that during a lunar eclipse, the Earth’s shadow cast on the Moon is circular. From here, Aristotle began to notice that the world was not flat.

If you look at the shadow that falls on the moon during a lunar eclipse, you can see that our world is not flat.

2. Ships on the horizon

Those who live on the beach or go out to sea know. When a ship approaches from a distant horizon, you don’t see the whole ship at once. First, it is seen from the ship’s mast. Gradually, when the ship came closer to you, you could see the hull of the ship.

The reason for this is that the world is curved, so ships and objects that are far away are hidden by this curve and cannot be seen. The space we call the horizon is actually the convexity of the Earth, so it is the edge of the space hidden by this convexity. I can’t see beyond the horizon because the curve of this earth is hidden.

To give an example of this, imagine an ant walking on an orange. If you are looking from one side, the orange is hidden, so you have to see the ant if you want to see it.

If the baby ant walks along the curve of the orange, it will start from the head and gradually see the body and finally the legs. This is why the ship’s mast is seen first from the horizon in the sea.

3. The location of the stars is different from one place in the world to another.

Aristotle once traveled to Egypt and the islands of Cyprus. On his return, he wrote, “There are stars unseen in the night sky from Egypt and Cyprus.” Aristotle went on to conclude, “The only answer to explain this phenomenon is that people look at these stars from different parts of the globe.” And, “The size of the globe is not very different. Why is it that the position of the stars has changed significantly in such a short distance?