Cool sauce recipes that are easy to make and make meals even more delicious

Cool sauce recipes that are easy to make and make meals even more delicious

The sauce is the lifeblood of food.A sauce can make food taste better, or it can make it taste bad. There may be people who like the sauce and people who don’t.

Most of the foodies like the sauce. Sauce is essential when eating BBQ, seafood, or fried chicken.Restaurants may have good sauces, but having a glass of good sauce at home is a bit difficult.

When we eat together with our families, or when friends eat bread together, you may be upset because you don’t have a good sauce at home. Therefore, I would like to share some simple recipes that can be easily made at home and make the food taste delicious.

Thai sweet chili sauce

For 20 finger-sized red chili pods, add 5 small, spicy red chili pods. 5 cloves of garlic and grind it to make it coarse (not too crushed or too big).

Add the crushed chilies and garlic with as much water as needed. Add salt, sugar, or  vinegar to the water and bring to a boil (sweet and sour in taste).

When you are satisfied with the taste, mix the glue powder with water and stir until it is not sticky.

After the sauce cools down, squeeze a little lemon juice before eating to make it smell sweeter. (Some people use ground green chili powder at home instead of wet chili powder.)

If cooled and stored in a clean container, it will last for two weeks. Before eating, you can eat it by cutting the leaves into small pieces. (In Western countries, sugar is always used in any food with tomatoes.)

tomato sauce

Place the ripe tomatoes in a saucepan, cover with water, and cook until tender.

Then grind it with a blender. After grinding, grind the yolk with a sieve (no seeds or peels).

Stir in the salt, sugar, vinegar, and coloring powder (chili powder for color) to the obtained yolk for 45 minutes.

You will see that it will become red and thick automatically. (There is no need to use food coloring.)

If you want to know if there is any water left, take a little bit and put it on the lip of the plate (if the water doesn’t come out, it’s done).

If there is no water left, it is set aside for two rounds. Let it cool down to room temperature so that you can eat it when you want.

Thai steak sauce

This sauce is great with steak. Making a dish like Yoo Day steak, in particular, is not as difficult as it appears.

Necessary material

– 10 small green chilies (I use green chilies because their mild flavor makes them easier to eat.Red chilies are only used when decorating the top.

A handful of parsley

1 large piece of garlic

3 hard palm leaves

2 spoons of sugar

1 spoon of salt

4 spoons of lemon juice

3 spoons of sauce

How to do it

First, crush the chilies. After grinding, grind parsley. Crush the garlic. Mix all the crushed ingredients together. When grinding, grind it.

If the crushed ones are also digested and not all of them are gone, grind the palm leaves. salt, crushed palm sugarAdd the sauce and lemon juice and mix until the sauce is well combined. If it is too thick, add 3 tablespoons of water.

Pizza sauce (sauce for pizza)

Cut the tomatoes and boil them until soft. In a skillet, heat the oil and sauté the garlic and red coco butter.Western herbs like basil, oregano, thyme, dill, rosemary, and bay leaves (available in the Pacific Ocean) can be added.

When it smells good, add the boiled tomatoes (without water) and stir. After it is crushed, mix it with a blender. Then filter with a sieve. Add the resulting yolks back to the pan and mix with salt, lemon juice (if needed), sugar, and pepper powder.

Some add apple juice or apple cider vinegar. Simmer for 45 minutes to 1 hour on low heat, or until thickened.(Actually, it takes up to 4 hours to soak.)

Only then will the juicy flavor be complete. Cool and store in a clean, airtight container. It will last at least months if kept in a cold room (14 C).If you put it in an ice room (at -18 C), it will last for two years. (When needed, dilute to room temperature and use again.)

If Italian pasta (spaghetti) is boiled and seafood such as shrimp, oysters, squid, or gum is added to this sauce, it becomes “Spaghetti Seafood Mariana.” If you add chicken or pork (minced meat), it becomes “Spaghetti Bolonise.”

Garnish with chopped parsley and parmesan cheese (can be used as Neapolitan sauce (beef stewed or mutton stewed)).Beef stew or goat stew can be marinated with carrots, celery, and this sauce.

Seafood sauce

The easiest way to make a sauce that can be eaten with seafood is at home.

How to do it

Use only green chili pods. First, boil the green chilies until they are soft, then grind them in a mortar. The ripe tamarind juice is diluted to a thin consistency without being too thick. salt, sugar Add some flavored flour and mix well.

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