Shan style fish rice noodles and potato rice noodles that will make you eat better than usual

Shan food is a food that every Burmese people like. You can’t beat Shan food while traveling to Shan State. However, I would like to share ways to make Shan food that will make you feel like you are at home in Shan State when you can’t travel.

Some foods are too easy to make at home. Therefore, Shan style rice cookers that make it delicious in the easiest way…

Shan style mashed potatoes and rice

What is needed is Shan rice, potatoes tomato, Jewish River dry chili, onion friend garlic, oil, salt curry powder turmeric powder Chili powder will be needed. Wash the Shan rice and boil it in a pot.

Once cooked, let the rice cool. Boil two tomatoes in a pot of rice, and when the rice is cooked, take out the tomatoes. The blade is shiny, and without adding oil to the pan, turmeric powder, curry powder salt Add water and cook the tomato liquid.

Boil the potatoes until soft. Peel and mash. Crush a clove of garlic, add turmeric powder and chili powder and fry it in oil until it has a nice color.

Fry six chilies in oil and drain the oil. Wash and finely chop the onion. onion friend Wash the Jewish roots. rice tomato puree potatoes oil, Add curry powder and salt and knead until smooth. After tasting the saltiness, wipe your hands with oil to prevent them from sticking to your hands.

Then roll them into small balls. If you are going to eat mashed potato rice, put whole potato rice in the bowl, tomato sauce Heat the oil and sprinkle the finely chopped onion. Then the Jewish River onion friend Fried chili peppers, You can enjoy fried fish bread and mashed potato rice deliciously.

Traditional Shan style fish rice noodles

For those who are used to eating only fish, I will share the easiest way to make traditional Shan style fish and rice. The ingredients needed for rice flour are Shan rice, fish tomato, Jewish River dry chili, fried vermicelli onion friend garlic, banana tea oil, Sesame powder Spice powder will be needed. First, wash the Shan rice and cook it in a pot. And let the rice cool down.

Wash and clean the fish with salt. curry powder Add turmeric powder and boil it. When it is cooked, let it cool and put it on the bone. Next, without adding oil to the tomatoes, add turmeric powder, curry powder Add salt and stir. After that, peel the garlic and crush it. After that, oil, turmeric powder Add chili powder and heat the oil.

And rice vermicelli, Fry the dried chilies in oil and filter the oil. Wash the onion and cut it thinly. Wash the jujube and cut it into pieces. The last cooked Shan rice with tomato sauce, fish, oil, curry powder After adding salt, knead the dough to form small balls.

When about to eat, spread banana tea on the plate and spread the fish rice balls into thin flat sheets. oil, fried vermicelli Sprinkle the onion on top. Fish rice to eat together with the Jewish river; You can now enjoy it with fried chilies.

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