Health benefits of kneeling

Health benefits of kneeling

When I was young, my mother would spank me if I crossed my knees. It’s boring. It hurts my eyes. In some cases, it is forbidden to do housework and so on. Although this is the case, it is not completely bad. Crossing the knees has health benefits as well.

Why are they kneeling?

It’s not funny that they crossed their knees. Most of them spread because they are bored. There are also some who spread it unknowingly because they are engrossed in something (such as playing a game). Anyway, knee sprains are more of a hobby than a health problem.

Knee sprains are more common in boys. It’s not that girls are sterile, but because of cultural teachings, they are no longer sterile.

Is crossing your knees really good for your health?

We have found two factors that support the health of the knees.

prevents blood clots.

Sedentary office workers Those who often have to fly for hours have to put their feet up. Since I don’t move, my legs often get blood clots. If this blood clot is dislodged, a blood clot can form in the pulmonary artery.

So I made a small study about it. 11 men and women were asked to sit for 3 hours. Within 3 hours, I was instructed to kneel on one leg for one minute and repeat for approximately 4 minutes.The other side is kept motionless. Participants were able to move about 250 times per minute.

After 3 hours, when measuring the blood flow rate in the leg veins, it was found that the blood flow was better on the working side and the blood flow was slower on the resting side.

burns calories.

In a study done by the Mayo Clinic, people who stood bent their knees more than those who sat down. People who change their posture frequently burn approximately 350 calories per day.This is just knee-jerk weight loss without exercise.

He who moves the most burns the most.This method of burning calories without exercise is called Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT). This includes kneeling.

Is kneeling enough?

How much is enough to burn calories every day? It is better to do some kind of proper exercise on a regular basis. But for those who sit all day doing nothing, kneeling is a way.

Likewise, cars, For those who take long flights, it’s good to be able to get up and walk around for a while, but if you don’t have that situation, it’s not bad to be on your knees.

This means that if you can do exercises that are better than kneeling, do them. Because I can’t do it, I want to say that even if I can do it on my knees, it’s not bad.

Also, be aware that kneeling may disturb others.

Crossing your knees is healthy for you, but there are some people who are sensitive to this. Some even consider it rude. So that others do not interfere, he said that if he is healthy, he will be able to cross his knee.

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