NASA held the first meeting about UFOs

A panel of NASA’s top scientists held a 4-hour online open house about unidentified flying objects (aka UFOs). The meeting was broadcast live on the Internet, and questions from the public were answered via the Internet.

This public meeting was the first public meeting held by the UFO Investigation Commission established by NASA. The team aims to present their findings by the end of the year.

Among the purposes of the meeting is to encourage the public to report their UFO sightings and to assist in the investigation of these reports.

But the scientists involved in the investigation have openly admitted that they have faced a lot of harassment from UFO disbelievers. These disturbances and bullying make UFO sightings reluctant to report and delay investigations, they said at the meeting.

Despite this disruption, NASA and scientists have announced that they will continue to fully investigate these UFO reports.

NASA experts have admitted that UFO sightings are a serious concern for airspace security. Therefore, it becomes the duty of the national government to investigate these incidents and determine the dangers that may arise from them.

He said that while the investigation is about security, on the one hand, it will be carried out in accordance with the NASA space agency’s policy of honesty and transparency and the application of scientific methods.

The researchers presented the difficulties encountered in the UFO investigation. The main difficulty is the lack of complete information.

Also, there are difficulties in determining the reliability of information. The accuracy of the obtained data is again weak. And the information is scattered across many different departments.

So it becomes difficult to ultimately investigate every report of a UFO sighting. It is difficult to draw firm conclusions from this data.

The NASA official stressed the need to work hard to get better information. In addition, he urged them to avoid discriminating against and suppressing such reporting.

At this meeting, the investigation and findings of some UFO reports were presented. According to NASA scientists, some of the findings may be a misinterpretation of lightning. But he admitted that he could not provide a solution to many of the findings.

Experts explain that most UFOs are normal phenomena. Only a few of the reports are of truly extraordinary occurrences.

For example, they investigated a video captured by an airplane camera of three small dots flying at high speed. When this discovery was checked against radar images, it was finally discovered that these three dots were passenger planes flying far away.

This investigative commission includes 16 prominent scientists from various fields. They started the investigation in June of last year. This was the first official public investigation by NASA into UFOs.

Now, NASA’s investigation is unrelated to the Pentagon’s UFO investigation program, which began at the same time. This Pentagon investigation is being led by military and intelligence officials.

It is a little unusual that both NASA and the Pentagon are conducting parallel investigations into UFOs. Successive US administrations have avoided dealing with the issue for decades.

The person leading the Pentagon investigation said that there is absolutely no way to rule out the existence of highly intelligent extraterrestrial life (aliens). But so far, he said, he has not found any evidence that extraterrestrials are involved.