How to save internet data on PC?

How to save internet data on PC?

How to save internet data in Windows 10?

First of all, if you have an Internet package, you will know that Windows 10 consumes more than three times as much data as Windows 8 and 8.1. I used to switch to Windows 8.1 when I wanted to save internet data. Since I’m not used to it, I always tried to find out which settings and background data should be turned off to save internet data, so I came up with the following method. Here are some ways to reduce data consumption in Windows 8 and 8.

1: Close Windows Update Services

(Windows Logo + R >> Type “services.msc” and Enter, Double-click Windows Update in Services, and then select Disable in the Startup type.)

2. Postpone Windows Updates

(Settings >> Update & Security >> Postpone Windows Updates).Advanced options Choose how updates are delivered here. Turn on updates from more than one place. Then select PCs on my local network. 

3. Disable background apps

(Settings >> Privacy >> Disable Background Apps).

4. Turn off PC synchronization

(Settings >> Accounts >> Sync your settings >> Sync settings).

5. Make the connection metered

(Settings >> Network & Internet >> Wi-Fi >> Metered).Click the name of the connected WiFi network and select Set as metered connection.

6. Deactivate Live Tiles

(Click the Windows KeyIcon to bring up the Start Screen.Right click on the live feed app there and click Turn Live Tile Off.

7. Disable Offline Maps Auto Update

(Go to Settings >> Offline maps >> Metered connections and uncheck Automatically update maps).

8. Turn off Microsoft Store Auto Update

(Open Microsoft Store >> Click on “See more” (…). Go to Settings and turn off App updates, Live Tile, and Video Autoplay.

9. Turn off OneDrive

(Right click on Taskbar >> Task Manager >> Stratup >> Disable Microsoft OneDrive if you want to disable Onedrive). Once you have completed the above 9 steps, restart Windows once. Unnecessary waste of Internet data will be greatly reduced.

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