Is it difficult to get an Attendance Record at a time like this?

Is it difficult to get an Attendance Record at a time like this?

At a time like this, factories, You can use the Jarviz application for free, which allows you to use GPS Check In-Out from your mobile phone without having to press a fingerprint to save employees in the company.

I would like to explain the useful features of the Jarviz Application. The Jarviz application has four features: Check in/Check Out, Leave Request, Petty Cash, and Operation Log.

Employees can easily check in and out anytime, anywhere by turning on GPS from the Jarviz Mobile Application. You will also be able to check your attendance history. Check in and out reports can also be easily retrieved.

When you check in, you can only record your photo or location with the camera, so you can get an accurate location and attendance. You can also prevent fraudulent check-ins by not being able to select photos from the photo gallery.

If you want to apply for a leave of absence, you do not need to write a letter of permission. You can easily file a complaint with the Jarviz Mobile Application on your mobile phone without having to make a phone call. The HR side just has to approve it from the website, so it is less complicated than before.

You can also easily access your petty cash and operation log.
Employees with access to the Petty Cash feature can easily claim minor expenses.

No more paperwork required to request using the Petty cash feature. You can also take photos of the invoices of the microfinance request. From the responsible person from the website

Easy to use as long as you check and approve. By using the Petty cash feature, you can investigate money fraud.

Employees can upload daily work logs by using Operation log feature. Employers can also easily monitor employees’ work responsibilities.

You can also post office announcements on the Jarviz App.

The Jarviz Mobile Application includes Check In-Out, Leave Request, Petty Cash, and Operation Log Features, so it is sure to be a great mobile application for every HR. If you want to use this Jarviz application, you can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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