What are the advantages of EV (Electric Car) and ICE Vehicle?

What are the advantages of EV (Electric Car) and ICE Vehicle?

What are the advantages of EV (Electric Car) and ICE Vehicle? The Head of State urges the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in Myanmar today for the following reasons:

Reducing the use of foreign currency for fuel by importing EVs (Electric Vehicles); Toxic vehicles Carbon dioxide emissions from combustion to power the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) Vehicle. Avoiding damage to animals and plants; Induction motors are less complex in the construction of EV vehicles than in complex and heavy-duty engine groups such as ICE vehicles, as they are less compact and less cluttered than ICE vehicles and provide the energy required to drive them.

Comparing the weight-to-power ratio of EVs and ICEs,

the EV has a capacity of 8.5 kW / kg, while the ICE has a capacity of only 0.8 kW / kg, so the driving cost is EV ($ 0.03 / mile) and the ICE Vehicle ($ 0.1 / Mile) is more expensive than the ICE. It has been tested internationally to find that it is much cheaper, so it is important to consider EV vehicles.

The EV is lighter than the ICE and has a gravitational pull CG (Center of Gravity) closer to the ground, preventing it from overturning at high speeds. There is no accident when driving at high speed. Another advantage of the EV is that it reduces the cost of tire life due to reduced tire wear.

In addition to the expensive foreign fuel, lubricants used to run parts such as engine oil, which are no longer needed to drive EV vehicles, save a lot of money.

Although Li-ion batteries, the mainstay of EV vehicles, are expensive, the use of EVs in the near future will be astonishing as scientists try to adapt to lower-cost, improved Li-Fe batteries, LiFePO4 batteries, and Iron-Graphite Foils batteries as technology advances. In the second quarter of 2021, BYD will launch a new BYD New Blade Battery for EV cars.

In 2020,

SAIC and US car giant General Motors (GM) joint venture joint venture Mini EVs will start at around USD 4100- USD 5600 and other high-end EVs will be priced by category.

BYD China-owned car company and its well-known car companies Tesla, GM, Ford, Chavolet, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Hundai, Toyota, Renault, etc are now able to produce and distribute cheaper cars with Integrated High Technology than before.

People like me who know about EV vehicles. There will be a lot of people who want to own and drive EV cars, but it will be difficult to buy cash down immediately. Establish a policy to allow the public to purchase EV electric cars at a cheaper price than petrol engines. Fast Charging System that can recharge in a short time for the convenience of users.

Servicing is also available at the relevant departments. Co-management by foreign investors; The people of Myanmar will be able to build modern and advanced EV vehicles one by one if they can arrange programs such as Down payment and Installment combination to be widely used by the employees of government departments and organizations. We expect the number of users to increase. :

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