Guidelines from a health point of view for those who will reuse old items

Guidelines from a health point of view for those who will reuse old items

It is not an antique. a week later baleOld and used things are old. access and use through Isn’t there also buying and using?

People reuse old things for a variety of reasons, beginning with adult gifts.It’s also because it’s cheap and convenient to use.

The old ones may be convenient to use, but in today’s era, where sixteen thousand diseases are abundant, it is necessary to use them with caution. So, if you are going to reuse some old items, I would like to guide you on what you should be aware of.

Baby stuff

Furniture related to children Reuse other appliances, buy, and use If you use it indirectly, you need to check it carefully. damages Not only defects must be investigated.It is also necessary to check whether it is clean.

Car seat

Car seats are a place where germs can get stuck. So buy a new one. If you buy it, you should only buy it new. In addition, seats that have been used for 6 years or more are less resistant to heat and cold, so it is a risky choice.

Check for a smoke smell.

clothes How to buy goods, etc. Check that they do not smell of tobacco. Because the smell of tobacco sticks for a long time, third-hand smoke can harm us.

Baby crib shelf

Some end up handing out things like baby cribs. Actually, this method is not a good method. Used crib shelves and children’s beds are good.

Baby stroller

Baby strollers can be handed over. However, you should double-check it.In particular, you need to check whether the fitness level is still good.

cosmetics: makeup brush

Recently, when selling cosmetics separately online, it has become fashionable to resell unused balances. In fact, this method can be used to spread the disease. Those with sensitive skin should definitely avoid it.

Old clothes

Old clothes and linens should be thoroughly washed and dried before use. Before washing, you need to soak it in hot water for 30 minutes.

A helmet

Motorcycle and bicycle helmets are a breeding ground for invisible bacteria. Usually, helmets are not clean enough, so when using old ones, it is good to clean them thoroughly before using them.

Old lamp

Old lamps and light bulbs are flammable materials. so it should not be reused. Old bulbs, especially those with more than 300 watts, should never be reused.

Swimwear Underwear

Swimwear and underwear for family members, When sharing between brothers and sisters and very close friends, they tend to do handovers. In fact, sharing these clothes is a very dangerous behavior from a health point of view. Many skin-related diseases can be transmitted, especially through underwear.

Automobile tires

Some vehicles end up repurchasing old tires that aren’t worn out. Or they use it after being modified. You should be aware that this method may cause a motor vehicle accident and may be life-threatening.

Hair dryer

If you use old hair dryers, you should check the plugs first. If the quality of the plugs is low, there is a risk of electrocution.

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